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About Us

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Stacey Judd

I have been working with and training dogs for approximately 17yrs. It has been a varied career much of which has been spent working with rescue dogs with a big focus on those dogs that can not cope within a home setting or have become too unsafe to remain in a home. I would work with each dog to rehabilitate them or often find them more suitable outlets. Many having ended up with the police, military or private sector working homes as well search and rescue and sporting homes. 

Recently I worked at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home as a Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor where on top of my day to day duties I often foster puppies, as well as occasionally hand rearing puppies to give them the best possible start.

Recently I became a fully qualified Puppy School Tutor. ( 

Currently I share my home with a number of dogs including a German Shepherd called Lola, Labrador called Maverick, French Bulldog X Terrier called Stan, and an English Springer Spaniel called Finn. As well as a rescued foul mouthed African Grey Parrot called Matilda. 

One of my big interests and something I really enjoy training  with my dogs is search training. Alongside my husband we have successfully trained many dogs to go on to be operational and successful drug detection dogs. Include one of our own who was awarded a Police Commendation in 2015 alongside one of our German Shepherds for the large amount of successful finds of drugs, firearms and knives within the London Boroughs that they work in. 

As well as this I often go into schools, prisons and youth clubs with my dogs to help educate children, young people and adults about Safety Around Dogs, and how to be responsible dog owners. Working within the communities and getting these messages across is something that I am also extremely passionate about.